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Linemen working to give up unbridled life in the grip of heavy floods!

Krishna river flowing near Manjari village of Chikkodi taluk of Belgaum district

Belgaum: The entire district is in the grip of heavy rains and people are facing problems. Meanwhile, the linemen are working to save lives. The incident took place at Kurni village in Hukkeri taluk of Belgaum district, where the linemen went into the rain and inspected the TCs and electric poles. At the suggestion of the owners, the linemen returned to check the TC in the running water of the Hidakkal Dam-Hukkari Road, a dam from the backwaters of the Hiranyakeshi River. The lineman said that he had come to check the water and left.

nipple: NDRF team rescues pregnant woman trapped in Kurli village of Nippani taluk of Belgaum district Kurli village was submerged by the floods of Vedganga river. On arrival, the crew rescued a pregnant woman and another patient in the village and transported her by boat.

NDRF saving woman Belagavik

NDRF team is taking the woman to a safe place

Kikodi: Krishna river has been filled with water from Kikkodi taluk of the district. Rescue operation was carried out by NDRF personnel and more than 40 people were rescued in the village.

The sugarcane crop planted on the banks of the Krishna river has been destroyed. Sugarcane crop has been damaged in thousands of hectares in Chikkodi of Nippani taluk of Belgaum district. Farmers who have been ruining their crops for 3 years are in shock this time due to the loss caused to their neighbors.

Hookery: The Ghataprabha river is in danger of being in spate as the rains continue in the Western Ghats. Durga Devi Temple is a watershed in Kotkabagi village of Hukkari taluk of the district. Local people including priests were shifted to a safe place.

Durga Devi temple in Kotabagi village is aquatic

In Kurni village of Hukkeri taluk, houses created by heavy rains are dilapidated. 20 houses were submerged in the Hiranyakeshi river. If victims lose their temper and get distracted and help.

Here is the video report on rain in Belgaum district:

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(Belagavi district is suffering from heavy rains and floods. Linemen are working bravely)

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