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Lokesh’s son rides a 14-year-old cycle for a chance, Aunt Srijan on stage

I wish the end of life was on the stage; Sajan Lokesh in tears

Actor Srijan Lokesh has seen many ups and downs before entering cinema. He has also acted in major cinemas through the show Maaja Talkies. He has now talked about theatre.

Colors Kannada channel has launched a new show named ‘Raja Rani’. The grand opening of the show has been seen this week. Celebrity couples are called and spoken on stage. Actor Srijan Lokesh and actress Tara will present the show. In this show Shrijan Lokesh talks about his tough days.

Subbaiah Naidu as a lover, Girija Lokesh – Lokesh as a son, I cycled for 14 years without shaking hands. So many efforts have been made. Theater which taught him patience. That’s why it is called theatre.

“If the end of life is to be in the theatre, that’s my wish,” he said. Most of the people who saw this promo shared their opinion and wrote an emotional note.

Recently, Srijan Lokesh had said that his favorite show for television would be a break for funniest talkies. He clarified this while speaking live on social media. There will be a break in Maaja Talkies now. Because we are doing the grand finale this week. We will try to come up with a new format. Now we’ve got a short break. It’s your support that has kept Funny Talkies going for so many years. Now I am starting a new job. “Congratulations to all of you for this.” He is the judge of the show ‘Raja-Rani’.

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End of Funny Talkies; Shrijan Lokesh, the man who joined the new job

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