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‘Looking for third wife at the age of becoming a grandfather’, BJP leader’s objectionable statement

Mumbai: The talk of actor Aamir Khan’s divorce has been in the city for the past few days. He and Kiran Rao announced their decision to separate. Both have shared a press release regarding the divorce. Anyway, he was trolled on social media. Now even the BJP leader has given an objectionable statement on this.

BJP MP Sudhir Gupta has given a statement on the divorce of Aamir and Kiran. His tongue slipped while giving the statement. Sudhir Gupta said, “He is now looking for a third wife at the age of becoming a grandfather.” Reactions have been seen on his statement on social media.

What did Sudhir Gupta say?
Aamir Khan left his first wife Reena Dutta after having two children. Kiran Rao also has a son. Now that he is old enough to be a grandfather, he is looking for a third wife’, said Gupta.

‘I want to face a new phase of life’
“In these fifteen years, we have experienced many happy, satisfying, happy moments together,” Aamir and Kiran said in a joint press release. ‘Our bonds on the front of trust, respect and love got stronger. Now we have to face a new phase of life. We will not be husband and wife in this journey. We are going to be the co-parents of the kids.

Always be there for each other’s families. We took the decision of partition a few days back. We will complete the formal process in this regard. We will be independent but part of each other’s family. We are collectively responsible for raising our child Azad. We will work together for films, Water Foundation and other interesting projects.

Aamir Khan’s first marriage was with Reena Dutta in 1986. The two separated in 2002. Their children are Junaid and Ira.

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