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Madhuri Dixit and Bharti Singh get emotional – Dance Deewane 3: Madhuri Dixit and Bharti Singh tear up Maharashtra Times

Mumbai: Madhuri Dixit is handling the responsibility as an examiner in the reality show ‘Dance Deewane 3’. Dance lovers across the country have got a great platform through this event. It allows contestants to present their art to people around the world. The show has looked a bit unfocused in the recent episodes. Recently, such an incident happened on the set of the show due to which the show’s examiner Madhuri Dixit and host Bharti Singh could not hold back their tears. The audience saw him wiping tears from his eyes. The video of both has gone viral on social media.

Madhuri and Bharti go crazy

The theme of the upcoming episode of ‘Dance Deewane 3’ is ‘Love Special’. In this video, Contestants Rupesh Soni and Saddam Sheikh are seen dancing on the same theme. He depicted the relationship between a beggar and his dog through his dance. The videos show their struggle for existence, how much they care for each other, the care they have for each other and the matching feelings between the two.

The dance that both of them did and the feelings expressed in it made Madhuri and Bharti very emotional. Tears welled up in his eyes. Seeing the dance performed by these two, all the people present on the set came out of nowhere.

Shahnaz Gill’s romantic dance with contestants

The upcoming episode of Super Dancer 3 is Love Special. Former Bigg Boss 13 contestants Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill will participate in this episode. A promo of the event has already been shared on social media. She was seen doing a romantic dance with Piyush Gurbhele on the song ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ from the movie Shehnaaz Race. Seeing Piyush and Shahnaz’s dance, Siddharth also praised them.

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