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Mahaya Bhimanam Sonyam Bharliya OT … Gana Gaanara Gai Kala Milkam Hakkachan Ghar – Kadubai Kharat got a house from government quota

Mumbai: Singer Kadubai Kharat is very famous on social media. Many videos of his songs have become viral. Doctor. Kadubai Kharat, who sang songs based on Babasaheb Ambedkar, had no right to live. After that Congress state president Nana Patole had announced to give him a house. State working president Chandrakant Handore told in a press conference that the announcement has been completed and Kharat will enter his house on Monday (October 25) at 10 am in the presence of Patole.

A few months back, a hammer had fallen on Kadubai Kharat’s residence. So he did not have his own house to live in. After that, Congress State President Nana Patole had announced to give him a house. After this announcement, Kadubai Kharat has got her house in a few months. This house has been given in Jeevanvaibhav Nagar.

Who is there Kadubai Kharati?
A few months back, Kadubai Kharat’s song ‘Mahya Bheemnaam Sonyanam Bharalia Oti…’ went viral on social media. Although Kadubai sings songs, she has not learned any form of singing. Doctor. Kadubai has great respect for Babasaheb Ambedkar.

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