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Mahima Chaudhary: For the first time people want only those actresses who are unmarried – Mahima Chaudhary – Earlier people wanted only virgin girls: Mahima Chaudhary

Mumbai: Actress Mahima Chaudhary, who is remembered for her role in ‘Pardes’, is known for her impeccable style. She never hesitated to speak. According to Mahima, a few years back people were not treated the way actresses are treated in the film industry. Mahima Chaudhary has said that the previous film industry was most patriarchal.

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Actresses are now getting better roles than before

Mahima elaborated her views and said that actresses are also getting scenes now, such a situation has come to the fore in the film industry at this time. They are getting good roles, they are getting good money too. They have reached a good and powerful position. They are able to live a better life than before.

impact of relationships on career

According to Mahima Choudhary, who started her career with the film Pardes in 1997, the actresses’ relationship status in the past had an impact on their professional life and career opportunities. When you started dating someone people started writing about you. Because movies wanted actresses who had never kissed and would be virgins. If you were dating someone his reaction was, ‘Oh! She’s Dating! Forget it if you are married. Your career is over. If you have kids, forget your career completely.

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Govinda and Aamir were hiding marriage

Referring to Govinda and Aamir Khan, Mahima said, “This is a story of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. We didn’t even know that Aamir Khan is married. Similar was the situation of Govinda. People were not showing or exposing their children’s photos. By doing this the age of the actors was known. All these things have changed now.

‘Things have changed now’

Mahima said, “Whether you want to continue with your career or choose a personal life, it no longer determines the status of the relationship. It used to be, but now you can have both a marriage and a career. People have also started liking to see women in different roles. In the past, many men were hiding their relationship status.

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