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Malik Movie Review Fahad Faasil Joju George Nimisha Sajayan Starrer Malik Movie Review Rating: {4.0/5}

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A true leader born out of troubles and struggles! Mahesh Narayanan’s Malik!

No leader is born in palaces. It is in troubles and struggles that a true leader is born and the crowd becomes the courage to stand behind him. The two-and-a-half-hour screenplay tells the story of Suleiman Ali, a scholar of Ramzan. The loss of Kottaka about Malik can be described in just one word. The picture on the big canvas was worth seeing on the big screen. Mahesh Narayanan, who wrote, directed and edited Malik, took care of everything for Malik.
The film is based on the fictional village of Ramadapalli situated on the banks of Thiruvananthapuram district. There are two ports here which are densely populated with Muslims and Christians. Suleiman, whom he affectionately calls Alika, is a leader who rises from his helplessness to resist the government’s infiltration among these like-minded people. Solomon knows the pulse of the country and its people. The government’s attempts to infiltrate between them inflict a never-ending wound between these two openers.

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The film follows Suleiman, who suffers from age-related disabilities. Age has only affected his body and his liver and eyesight have not been harmed at all. Fahad Fazil has made Suleiman, who is in his late sixties, unforgettable in body language, looks and speech. Suleiman Ali will always be a character in his career. From beginning to end, the director gives the audience something to keep them hooked. The director introduces the audience to that unbroken string of Suleman’s past and Ramadhapalli’s history.

There are certain moments in the film that provide an unforgettable visual experience. It includes mass, emotion, and violence. It can be seen that while filming different eras there has been an effort on the part of the director to do justice to it. Although the film follows Suleiman, Mahesh Narayanan is able to capture the many lives of Ramadhapally and the tragedies experienced in the film. Malik highlighted the neglect of the Coast government, evictions and land grabbing in the name of development of scams against them. Suleiman is the rising hero for this.

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Nimisha might add Sajjan Suleman’s wife Rosalie as one of the strongest characters of his career. In Roslyn you can see a woman who is strong and unshakable. The picture also shows the moment they are leaving. The strongest presence in the film after Fahadh is the character of Pal. It is noteworthy that no one can be left behind in performance excellence. The film stars Vinay Quila, Joju George, Dilesh Pothen, Salim Kumar, Jalja and Indran. Everyone, including those who come and go in small scenes, has given a wonderful natural performance.

Sushin Shyam’s music and background music brings life to the film. The music has managed to bring the emotional scenes closer to the audience. Sanu John’s photography has been able to accurately capture that period and put the landscape and characters together. Above all, the signature of the craftsman Mahesh Narayanan can be clearly seen in the picture.

Malik is a film that tells the politics of survival of the people. The film depicts the policies of the government and the people’s representatives who betray the public. When you look at the film released via Amazon Prime as an OT release in the wake of the covid expansion, the only sadness that comes to mind is that it was just a lost theater experience. The subtlety of presentation, performance and composition captivate the audience in such a way that they do not think about the length of time. Even at the end of the film, we still have strong characters with the personality that the film shows.

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