Mammootty: Mammootty omits Champakulam carpenter and soloist! What happened next is history! Murali and Suresh Gopi used the opportunity – viral writeup about mammootty rejected movies


  • 2 movies that Mammootty rejected
  • Murali and Suresh Gopi shone

Fans are discussing the movies that Mammootty has turned down. The post in the fan group is going viral. Mammootty was the first choice for films like Champakkulam Thachan and Ekalavyan. Continue reading through the post.
Ekalavyan, Champakulam Thachan and then Mammootty, Sreenivasan scripted by Kamal and directed by Kamal. Gopi was the protagonist, played by Murali in Champakulam Thachanil.

2 movies that Mammootty rejected

The interesting fact is that these two directors and two writers first approached Mammootty to portray these two characters in two different poles on different poles.

This is where we need to understand the immense range of the actor Mammootty. In other words, Mammootty can be the poor father of the beloved daughter of Champakulam carpenter and the angry IPS officer who narrates the sparky dialogue of Ekalavyan. That is why the directors and writers of these two films first came looking for Mammootty to portray these two characters. The note said that this is the reason why Mammootty is the textbook of acting and those who are informed say that he can not even think of any other actor above Mammootty.

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