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Marathi actress ‘Ya’ was accused of theft on the sets of Hindi series

MumbaiMarathmoli actress Urmila Nimbalkar, who reached the audience through the ‘Duheri’ series, is very active on social media. Urmila is an actress as well as a successful YouTuber. Urmila shares many stories from her post with her fans. In the beginning of her acting career, Urmila had to face many difficult situations. The most shocking incident happened when Urmila was caught stealing. But now the lipstick because of which Urmila stole, the same lipstick brand approached Urmila for promotion. Posting on this occasion, Urmila has shared the entire incident with the fans.

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Urmila posted, ‘So it happened, the makeup and hair dryer bag of the actress of that series was stolen on the sets of a big Hindi series. At the same time, I saved money and bought a lipstick from MecosmeticsIndia. I used to use it in every shoot as there was only one lipstick of great quality, it was branded and my lips did not get rashes. The first thing I suspected was theft when I saw a Marathi artist’s lipstick costing more than the everyday lipstick. Since I had nothing to do with it, I let them check my entire bag.

Urmila further wrote, ‘My elder brother has been selected as the youngest IPS officer in India and my father gives lectures and discourses. Every man in my family has been doing farming for generations. I am the first girl from a family with no art heritage, who changed 2 buses and 2 locals alone, working in a different language despite being the only Marathi artist on the set, honestly passed the audition in Mumbai. I wanted to shout off the top of my head and tell them I was not a thief. My straightness was taken away because my only favorite was lipstick. I have never felt so humiliated. I have received a mail from Parva MecosmeticsIndia, we want to launch our new product on your Marathi youtube channel for the first time and we will pay you for your sincere response! His insistence was that you speak only in your sweet Marathi language. While writing this, Urmila shared her happiness with the fans.

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