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Marathi celebrities did cleanliness drive; Share Diwali Memories

Mumbai Times Team

Mama’s planning is firmThis year we both decided to take out most of the household items. Many things were taken out out of curiosity. But now I wanted to cover this entire route and remove what I didn’t want. We started cleaning and we thought it would be done in half an hour, but it turned out good. It was 11.30 pm, but not even half of the house was covered. I went out and got the big bag and then wrapped it till 2:30. At that time it came to know that the mother was cleaning after planning the time. – Siddharth Chandekar, actor

Farala’s ArupCurrently we do not do the cleaning ourselves. But when it comes to cleaning the child, a different enthusiasm is seen in the body. Often while cleaning, I would find things that were lost in the garden. The biggest challenge used to be cleaning the fan. There was dust here all year round. To get rid of it we would go upstairs, remove the dust, and when we did, we would be dusted. One thing that used to be big was that when all this happened, Farla got fever. The fun of that farla made by Maya was something else. – Ameya Wagh, the cat remembered by the actor A cat used to visit our previous house. On Diwali, the cat would come to our house and constantly ask for something to eat. I used to give everything to him. She got scared seeing the cat passing by. The cat would jump on the stuff while we were cleaning and my mom would get very upset. This Diwali I started cleaning my new house and started missing that cat. The cat died a few months ago. I remember the fun he had with the cat. – Abhijana Bhave, Actress Yaadein Screen Play The film ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ came to me in my childhood and I was a fan of it. He made a book by cutting out the posters of that film or the advertisements in the paper. A lot was written in that book. I found the book during cleaning this year. When I opened it, I realized how much time I had wasted. But as soon as I saw that book, a screen play of memories came in my eyes. This year my husband is doing everything from cleaning to lighting. I am ordering him to do this and that. – Sharmishtha Raut, Actress Collection – Sooraj Kamble

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