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Mia Khalifa’s world broke in just two years, announcing that she was separating from her husband

Mumbai: Former porn star Mia Khalifa has announced her separation from husband Robert Sandberg. Mia was married to boyfriend Robert Sandberg about two years ago. But now both are separating. Mia has given this information to the fans on her social media. She wrote in her post that she had tried hard to save her marriage to her husband, Robert Sandberg, but the situation was such that she decided to part ways.

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In her Instagram post, Mia Khalifa wrote, “We can confidently say that we did our best to save our marriage. But after a year of therapy and many attempts, we realized that what we have for each other The feelings were gone, for which we tried our best. We will always love and respect each other as we are not separated because of any incident but because of our differences with each other. Which changed. So one cannot blame each other.’

Mia further wrote in her statement, ‘We have no regrets about what we are doing and we are going to start differently. But we are supposed to keep in touch with each other through our family, friends and pets. This was supposed to happen a long time ago but we are glad we took our time. We tried our best and now that we are away from each other we can tell each other that we tried our best.

Mia Khalifa entered the porn industry in 2014. Since then he has separated himself from the family. Later in 2016, she said that she had worked in the porn industry for only 3 months. After that he left the porn industry. In 2019, Mia Khalifa had an affair with Swedish chef Robert Sandberg and two months later in June 2019, the couple got married.

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