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Minissha Lamba in love again after divorce; photo of dinner with boyfriend goes viral

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba has not appeared in any Bollywood film for a long time. But because of his love life, he is constantly being discussed on social media. Minissha Lamba, who has always been active on social media, had admitted a few days back that she has fallen in love again. Minissha fell in love again after her divorce from husband Ryan Tham. Since then, pictures of Minissha and her boyfriend’s dinner date are becoming viral on social media.

The post she shared on Instagram has come into the limelight amidst various discussions on social media about Minissha Lamba’s new boyfriend. Minissha has clarified in her Instagram post that she is dating Delhi-based businessman Akash Malika. Minissha shared a photo with Akash on Instagram. She is seen enjoying candle light dinner with her hands in the sky. According to reports, Minissha and Akash met during a poker championship in 2019. Akash is a famous businessman of Delhi. But it has nothing to do with the film industry.

In an interview given a few days back, Minissha admitted that she has fallen in love once again. He had said, ‘Yes I have fallen in love again and I am happy. But my boyfriend has nothing to do with the film industry. Currently Akash and Minissha Lamba are enjoying their vacation in Goa.

In this interview, Minissha Lamba also commented on her divorce. He had said, ‘Divorce is not an easy task. But when there is a rift in the relationship, it is better to leave it. Marriage or any relationship can be important in your life but it cannot be for a lifetime. But unfortunately, women are known for their relationships and marital status. But now things are changing.

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