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Morya! Beloved artists also have a deep connection with Bappa – Marathi celebrity shares a special bond with Lord Ganesha

papa as a man
When ‘Bappa’ is right, there is no fear or doubt in the mind. If there is a problem, I go and talk to him. Then he comes in the form of some person or thing and pulls us out of Himself. I find all important relatives like father, brother, husband in Bappa. Due to my Aunt Corona, both my numbers went down within 24 hours. It was a shock for me. After that we went to Jaipur for the shoot so I could recover from that shock. We are at one end and someone drags us away, as Bappa did for me during this time.
– Shreya Bagde

he is my friend
In our colony of Dadar, we used to celebrate Ganeshotsav with great pomp. Even though Dadar Chowpatty was right next door, we used to take out immersion processions. It is always my pleasure to visit the temple of YK Dholaya Ganpati. When I go to Vai, I go to that temple and do my obeisances. When bad things happen in my life, I go to my father and express myself, so I find peace of mind. The idol of Bappa gives peace to the mind and happy moments. Bappa is my friend. In the field of art, I see Bappa in my father, from where I get guidance.
– Adinath Kothare

fatherly relationship
‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ comes out of my mouth when I go on a morning journey. Recently while returning from a shoot we missed the road. I was driving. Only one house was in the dark during the heavy rain. There was a lamp in it, the man was cleaning the car on the road outside and he came and helped us show the way. God meets us in any form; This was one such incident that came to the fore. Bappa and my relationship is like Bapleki. He taught me to look at everything in life positively.
– Bhargavi Chiramule

person at home
As a child, Ganpati used to visit his maternal uncle in Papa’s Hindmata and his uncle at Shivaji Park. When Ganapati was immersed in the ocean, the mind used to get emotional. The feeling that we have ‘run out gas’ emotionally. I still feel the same way today. Instead of asking anything from Bappa, just pay attention to me, always be right; That’s all I tell him. I talk to him about both the good and the bad. There is Ganpati in my house for one and a half days. Both days I just give it time. In the meantime, I’m not doing any work. Also, when I lived in Dombivali, the atmosphere of Ganeshotsav was different.
– Mahesh Limaye

excitement and joy
We settled at Patil Lane 4 in Nashik. At that time the public Ganeshotsav was celebrated with pomp. I used to participate in competitions during Ganeshotsav. What I learned from these competitions is to be afraid of the stage, to perform with confidence. Old Nashik is like walking. There was a lot of traffic, and some roads were closed to traffic. So we used to start with the father of this circle and end with the father of that circle. I have friendly relations with Bappa.
– Abhijit Khandkekar

faith comes energy
Since we are a joint family, there used to be 70 of us in Pune Colony, i.e. ‘seventy tigers’. There Ganeshotsav was celebrated in a grand manner. By believing in Bappa, everyone gets a different energy. As a kid in Pune, my mother, father, sister and I used to ride scooters in the evenings to watch the Ganeshotsav scenes and then on our way back we would eat some good food. I do all these things even today. I love the fact that people from all walks of life forgetting caste, creed and religion come together to celebrate Ganeshotsav, and I try to keep that to myself.
– the invincible tiger

• Compilation: Abhishek Teli, Ruia College

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