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Nandamuri Balakrishna next movie: Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer ‘Star’ is the villain in the new movie? – Salaga film actor Duniya Vijay likely to play antagonist in Nandamuri Balakrishna and Shruti Haasan

As soon as new films of Telugu Nandamuri Balakrishna are announced, it is natural to expect them. Currently, she has completed ‘Akhand’ with Boyapati Srinu. He has joined hands with well-known director Gopichand Malineni for a new film. Reputable Alliance movie makers are taking advantage of this. The title of the film is not fixed as it is being run on a large scale. Surprisingly, the main villain of the film is played by a Kannada star actor! who is that actor?

Villain of ‘Duniya’ Vijay in front of Balaya
It is known to all that ‘Duniya’ is such a talented actor. Vijay, who initially debuted as a villain, got a big break from ‘Duniya’. Later he became a successful hero. He never played a villain in 14 years. And no other language except Kannada. However, now he has been offered the role of a villain from childhood cinema. No official information has been released regarding this. But, this is the news in Telugu media. If cinema comes up with such combination, it will surely be a feast for the fans! Shruti Haasan will be seen as the heroine in the film.

The world wins in the success of ‘Salga’
Duniya Vijay’s ‘Salga’ is currently earning bumpers at the box office. Vijay is also a director for the first time through this film. He is very happy doing this collection at the box office of his first film. His next film after Salga is yet to be revealed.

‘Don’t be petty,’ says Salga.

Now the role of Dhananjay’s police officer cast in the film ‘Salaga’ has made everyone happy. Cockroaches Sudhi, Sridhar, Sampat, who play Kendra, Savitri, have got a big break from cinema. Sakhat is credited for his music, directed by Charan Raj and photographed by Shiv Sena. Masti’s dialogues K.P. Srikanth had earned money.

‘Salaaga’ dominates the box office; What is the box office collection till now?

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