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Netkari Susat after watching the trailer of ‘Samantar 2’; Abandoned memes are going viral

Mumbai: Actor Swapnil Joshi’s first web series ‘Samantar’ has received an overwhelming response from the audience. After that ‘Parallel 2’ was discussed. Now the series ‘Parallel 2’ is going to come soon. Recently the trailer of this series has also been released.

The trailer of ‘Samantar 2’ has received a good response from the audience on social media. While many people have given a positive response to the trailer, some have made the memes viral.

This web series is based on the novel ‘Samantar’ by Suhas Shirwalkar.

The first season of Samant was directed by Satish Rajwade. After this, the second season is being directed by Sameer Widdhaan. The director of Takdi has always been credited for this web series.

The web series ‘Parallel’ won the hearts of the audience and critics. In Season 1, Swapnil (Kumar Mahajan) searches for Nitesh Bhardwaj (Sudarshan Chakrapani) and tries to find out what will happen in his future. At that time Chakrapani handed over his past and Kumar’s future diary to Kumar. According to him, some things were happening in Kumar’s life and the story took an interesting turn. Where Kumar’s future was clearly visible.

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