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New twist in ‘Where does mother do’, Sanjana shocked by Arundhati’s decision

MumbaiThe popular series of small screen ‘Where Mom Do What’ is in discussion on social media these days. The series has now once again taken an interesting turn. After the divorce of Arundhati and Anirudh, Sanjana got married at home. So Arundhati went to her mother in Dombivali. But, Sanjana is unable to handle the responsibility of the house. Sanjana cannot eat everyone’s food and parents’ food. So Arundhati is going to take a big decision. And this decision of Arundhati will make Sanjana angry.

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Kanchan and he were quarreling continuously since Sanjana came home. The girl Sanjana hired to work for him also scolded Kanchan. So Anirudh throws her out. But Arundhati learns that her parents are suffering at home because of this. As a solution, Anirudh makes a big decision to focus on the mother-in-law and the kids. Arundhati will decide to stay in the house opposite Gauri to take care of the family. So that he can keep an eye on his parents and his children. But, seeing this, Sanjana is going to fall on her face once again.

Seeing Arundhati in the front house, Sanjana is once again blushing. She is about to go to Gauri’s house and warns Arundhati not to interfere in my life. But Arundhati will be seen giving the opposite answer to Sanjana. Now the viewers are wondering what will happen next in the series, will Sanjana be able to bear Arundhati in front of her eyes or will she take some more steps to harass Arundhati.

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