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Next year though… Tejaswini Pandit asked Bappa for a special thing- Tejaswini Pandit requested Ganpati Bappa to save everyone from Corona

MumbaiWith the advent of the beloved republic, there is an atmosphere of consciousness everywhere. Bappa has reached the homes of lakhs of devotees. Although not in the sound of drums, the devotees had prepared for Bappa’s arrival in their own way. Like the audience, many Marathi artists have also welcomed Ganpati Bappa to their homes. Bappa is also present in the house of Marathmoli actress Tejaswini Pandit. In view of the current situation, Tejaswini bus brought Bappa home. Tejaswini has asked Bappa to change this picture next year.

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Tejaswini is a great actress. On the other hand, Tejaswini loves to play the dhol. Due to her love of drumming, Tejaswini participated in many drumming groups. On the day of Ganaraya’s arrival, Tejaswini stands with the Dholtasha group to welcome Bappa. However, for the last two years, due to Corona, there has been a ban on the reception at the time of the Republic. Tejaswini has demanded that the restrictions should be removed and Corona should be removed forever. Tejaswini posted a few pictures with Bappa and wrote, ‘Bappa, give me a chance to serve you in a big way next year. It is a pity that this time the drum is not there to welcome you to the sound of the bell. This year’s prayer is to free the world from the crisis of Corona.

Posting this, Tejaswini has prayed to Bappa. Users have showered likes and comments on Tejaswini’s post. Users have also requested to listen to Bappa Tejaswini’s prayer.

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