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Nice to read too… Other artists also supported Hemangi’s post ‘Bye, Boobs and Bra’

Mumbai: Be it Bollywood actors or Marathi filmmakers, they always have to face trolling. When an artist posts a photo or video on social media, you get a lot of negative comments. Most of the netizens forget that artists are also human beings. Marathmoli actress Hemangi Kavi has also had a similar experience of trolling. However, Hemangi has given a befitting reply to the user’s question without trolling himself.

Hemangi has shared posts on women’s issues many times before. Even now his recently shared post has come under discussion. She wrote a post on women, boobs and bras. After this post, the artists have supported him and praised him for his bold post.

What actually happened?
Hemangi recently shared a video on social media. In this video, she is seen waving chapati in the kitchen. He had a video of him rolling a round chapati. But netizens started trolling him for a different reason. Hemangi was trolled in her underwear.

Kavi Hemangi has responded in his own words to the trollers trolling the underwear. The post he shared on this is in the news and many celebrities have supported it. Producer-director Praveen Tarde has also commented on this. Dangerous as thinking, high quality as writing, timeless as fight with hemangi, he has said.

Actress and writer Rasika Agashen also praised Hemangi. Lots of love girls…the joy of living without a bra is different’, she wrote. Veena Jamkar has also said, “Kya Baat Hemangi, Solid, Rhythm Heavy.”

Read Hemangi’s full post

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