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Now.. like Raj Kundra earning money from blue films? whatsapp chat with leak

Now.. like Raj Kundra earning money from blue films? whatsapp chat with leak

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra was arrested late on Monday night for making obscene films and airing it through various apps. The court has now kept the police in custody till July 23. Meanwhile, Raj Kundra has leaked a WhatsApp chat which the police are treating as an important document.

Raj Kundra and his brother living in Britain started a company named Kenrin. The company filmed blue films in India and later joined We Transfer (File Transfer Service). The company was registered abroad to avoid cyber law in India.

There were some WhatsApp chats in October after Raj’s arrest. It has been revealed that Raj Kundra earned a lot of money from the business of Paran Cinema. These are group chats called ‘H Accounts’. Its administrator is Raj Kundra. In this group, Raj is seen talking to his relative and chairman of Kenrin Production House Pradeep Bakshi about the money transactions. The chat shows that millions of rupees come from the cinema every day.

There are five people in this group. There has been an open debate between Pradeep and Raj Kundra about whether to get money in business, marketing strategy, pornography or not. This is an important document for the police.

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