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Nusrat’s special post after becoming a mother; The father of the child was mentioned for the first time – Actress mom Nusrat Jahan has sent a message to the haters in a new Insta post. photo courtesy daddy

Mumbai: Popular Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan is in discussion on social media about her acting as well as her personal life. Nusrat has given birth to a child a few days back. Nusrat’s fans warmly congratulated her. However, many netizens also raised the question as to who is actually the father of Nusrat’s son. Since Nusrat’s pregnancy, this issue has been a topic of discussion on social media.

In the end, Nusrat refuses to name the child after the father. Nusrat has said that she will become a single mother and take care of the child. After that, for the first time, Nusrat has mentioned the child in a post on social media.

Nusrat has shared a photo on social media. The caption he has written has grabbed more attention than the photo. Ignore criticism from people you don’t consult,’ wrote Nusrat. That’s why instead of taking the photo, he has written Daddy.

Nusrat took this big decision
Nusrat has named her son Ishaan. After the name surfaced, users on social media started guessing who is the father of the child. He has also raised many questions in this regard. After this question from the users, Nusrat made a big disclosure and said that she will not tell anything about the name of the father of this child. She is going to raise this child as a single mother. Many people have supported Nusrat’s decision. Many single mothers in Bengal have supported Nusrat’s decision.

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