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Oh… what about Yash and Telugu director Boyapati Srinu!

Rocking star Yash’s film ‘KGF 2’ is ready for release. The release date of the film ‘KGF 2’ is not finalized yet. Meanwhile, news is coming about Yash’s next film. Chachi ‘KGF 2’ director Prashant Neel is busy with ‘Saalar’ cinema. Yash will join hands with ‘Mufti’ fame Narthan.

Recently Yash Green had indicated that Narthan will direct the film and that he will play the role of a naval officer in the film. Just then, another thunderstorm came from the Tollywood yard. On the other hand, Boyapati Srinu is planning to call actor Yash an action cut.

Director Boyapati Srinu, who has given a hit in Tollywood, is planning to make a film with actor Yash. Gullu Gullu in Telugu Cine Courtyard.

Boyapati Srinu, who has directed ‘Bhadra’, ‘Tulsi’, ‘Sinha’, ‘Legend’, ‘Sarinodu’ and ‘Vinay Vivek Ram’, is currently directing ‘Akhand’ for the film ‘Nandamuri Balakrishna’. Huh. Boyapati Srinu is said to join hands with Allu Arjun or Surya after the film ‘Akhand’. Now, the gossip about Boyapati Srinu coming forward to make the film with Yash is doing the rounds in Tollywood.

As Boyapati Srinu has already prepared an out and out mass for Yash’s image. Boyapati Srinu has come forward to do action cinema with Yash. So, do Yash and Boyapati Srinu make films together? Wait …

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