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‘Okay, I survived by turning down Raj’s project’, the actress expresses her feelings

Mumbai: After the arrest of Raj Kundra in the pornography case, a big racket of making such videos has been exposed. Along with this, new revelations are being made every day regarding this matter. Many models and actresses have revealed many secrets of this ‘Dirty Picture’ business to the police. Actress Shruti Gera in her interview has made some sensational allegations about the audition process in Bollywood and exploitation for hiring. Shruti has said that not only novice actresses but even novice actors are experiencing it.

Raj Kundra was going to sell 121 obscene videos for crores of rupees, truth came out in police investigation

What Shruti Gera said

Actress Shruti Gera has made sensational allegations in an interview given to a newspaper. He said in the interview, ‘In Bollywood, newcomers are often drugged and their nude videos are taken. Then they are forced to act in porn films. Shruti further said in her interview, “Raj Kundra’s company used to sign contracts with newcomers saying that they would be given jobs in web shows. After that they were asked to make obscene videos. Some actresses even did this. Said that some people in Raj’s company had asked him for a nude video.

Raj Kundra was asked about the project

In this interview, Shruti further said, “In 2018 I was also asked by Raj Kundra’s company to work in a web series. But I refused him. Now I thank God from the bottom of my heart that I was saved. We all thought that Raj Kundra was a successful and big entrepreneur but now we know that he makes porn movies.

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Medicine is given to novice actresses

Shruti Gera acted in the film ‘Toss: A Flip of Destiny’ in 2009. After that from 2018 Shruti moved away from the world of cinema and started her own company. In this interview, Shruti said, ‘When I was working here as a part of this cinema world, I had heard shocking experiences from many people. The budding actresses are given drugs and then their pornographic videos are filmed. Then they are blackmailed for working in porn films. This is very common in Bollywood. Not only this, new people are also caught with the help of honey trap. This has happened to me. But I didn’t like the intentions of the creators so I rejected them. Of course, this is not always possible.’

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