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… only then the film will be shown, many Marathi producers have decided – cinema hall with 100 percent capacity, the film will be released after theater

Linguistic films, including Hindi, have done well financially on OTT media in the last two years, and the future OTTs have been set. But in the case of Marathi films, it was very important to open theaters. Cinema is an alternative to matching financial math. The core business of Marathi films depends on single screen cinemas, but it should be started at full capacity. I will release the film ‘Zombivali’ only when the cinema halls start functioning at 100 per cent capacity and the audiences turn to theatres. Vaccination, corona testing, safe distance etc. I fully support health regulations. But economic restrictions should be eased.

Aditya Sarpotdar (Zombivali)
Viewers are eager to watch quality Marathi movies that are rich and life-giving. The audience is also eager to see the film ‘Chandramukhi’. But the manufacturer cannot accept the risk of displaying it at 50% capacity. Only then Marathi producers will be able to read and write and become young. The fun of going to the cinema and watching a movie with four family members is not about giving up a seat. Currently there is overcrowding in other areas, but why this injustice in theatres? We and the cinema owners are taking full precautions. Therefore the government should start cinemas and cinemas at 100% capacity.

– Prasad Oak (Chandramukhi)
No matter who the film is, it is the responsibility of all of us in the Marathi film industry to promote it. Appreciating the courage of the producers of the film; Because they are giving way. Currently, citizens are leaving their homes. Crowds can be seen everywhere. Therefore, there is no problem in starting theaters at 100 percent capacity. The government will definitely take the right decision. The budget of the film ‘Sarsenapati Hambirao’ is huge. So, I will decide to showcase it only when cinema starts operating at 100 per cent capacity to match the financial math.
Pravin Tarde (Commander-in-Chief Hambirao)

For the last two years, the whole world is going through a strange phase. So the decision to start cinema halls is positive and welcome and important for film production. According to the current situation, the rules are correct in terms of the health of the audience. But to stabilize the economic side of Marathi cinema, we want theaters to start at 100% capacity. We will decide to release our ‘Godavari’ only after getting the required screen and show time. Even if the habit is broken, now the audience should come to the theaters to watch Marathi movies, it is a heartfelt request.
Nikhil Mahajan (Godavari)

Airplanes and other events are crowded at 100 per cent capacity, so why the decision to start cinema halls at 50 per cent capacity? But it is also true that not all the responsibilities can be shifted to the government. They are trying their best. On one hand, the government looks at all the aspects and takes decisions. Therefore, now the filmmakers should make entertaining films of the choice of the audience and the audience should also go to the theaters to watch. It is a ray of hope that after a long time cinema halls are opening.
Viju Mane (Pandu)

Collection: Abhishek Teli, University of Mumbai

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