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Open for political events, then closed only for cinemas?

Mumbai Times Team

A few days ago, a program was organized at Kalidas Natyagriha in Nashik in the presence of political leaders, activists and people. On one hand when the state government has banned theatrical performances, everyone is wondering why the theater was given for political or social events. Taking cognizance of this incident, ‘Munta’ on Wednesday published a news story titled ‘Plays Ke Door Bhi Kholo’. In this the actors of the play expressed their displeasure. Also, when this news broke, actors, playwrights and actors across the state reacted angrily to the state government’s injury. So, while cinema halls are banned in the state, there is a urge from theater circles to act on the incident in Nashik.

‘The leader in the theater and the actor in the house. Theaters have been closed for several days; Don’t be the reason; But not for political events, elections, rallies, meetings, opening of party offices, etc. Like common man, we should also be afraid of corona virus. A similar reaction has been told by actor Sandeep Pathak. So director-actor Hemant Dhome has questioned, ‘Your child… someone else’s car!!! At the same time, a large number of political programs, travels are going on. So why can’t the cultural program be done with caution and following all the rules?’ Writer-director Sameer Vidwan also says, ‘I am tired of complaining or am really smiling now. For over a year now, dramas and movies, like other professions, have been broken! Everyone is sitting idly, suffering financially. However, these frequent political incidents do not stop here. Artists like Priyadarshan Jadhav, Rituja Bagwe, Kshitij Jog have also expressed their displeasure over this incident. The hashtag #RangbhumiSurukara is currently being posted on social media by the artists.

Why is the cultural minister silent?
Natyasrishti is upset with no response from the state’s cultural department or cultural affairs minister Amit Deshmukh on the issue. The theater workers are demanding immediate cognizance of the culture department and appropriate action in this matter. He believes that everyone should have the same rules. Why is the cultural minister silent? Such a question is also being asked in theatrical circles. A representative for Munta would have contacted the cultural minister on Thursday afternoon to get his response; The answer was ‘the minister is busy in the meeting’.

no contact
Munta would have tried to contact the director of the Directorate of Cultural Affairs and the deputy secretary of the department for an official response by 5 pm on Thursday; did not contact.

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