Oppo in excellent design with VOOC flash charge | OPPO F9 Pro Arrives With VOOC Flash Charge And Gradient Design

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The new and amazing Oppo F9 Pro has already made a splash among the people and has entered their lives. It is the latest smartphone in the market with VOOC Flash Charge technology.

Our smartphones are our life. But what if we lose the battery charge? Our lives will literally come to a standstill. What if the phone runs out of charge before the end of the day?


People who travel all the time can’t keep their phones connected all the time. They need technology that can charge them in minutes. Didn’t you want technicians to invent something like this?

You should realize that the Oppo F9 Pro smartphone has this technology. This smartphone will surpass its rivals in terms of technology and specifications. So in every way it creates a wave.

For those unfamiliar with the amazing VOOC charge technology in the new Oppo F9 Pro, it charges the phone at an extraordinary speed in just a few minutes. Charging in two hours is done in a few minutes. This is what everyone was asking for among smartphones.


The uniqueness of VOOC flash charge technology is that you can get 2 hours of talk time with at least 5 minutes of charging. It is a life-saving technology in emergencies.

The phone battery of young people who actually work is quickly depleted. Imagine your boss mailing you to attend a major conference call when your phone has a 5% battery charge. Will technologies like the VOOC flash charge on the Oppo F9 Pro become your savior in such cases? Haven’t you often had situations like this? It’s time to replace your old smartphone and buy a new Oppo F9 Pro with VOOC flash charge.

Do you think VOOC Flash Charge technology is the only feature of the new Oppo F9 Pro? If you’re mistaken, the Oppo F9 Pro has other amazing features.


The new Oppo F9 Pro comes in water drop screen and is available in Twilight Blue, Sunrise Red and Starry Purple. 3500 mAh battery, shows excellent quality. It has everything for selfie lovers along with technology. 16MP 2MP dual camera and 25MP front camera support social networking sites. Its VOOC flash charge technology is just like the icing on top of the cake.

There are many reasons why people buy the new Oppo F9 Pro based on VOOC flash charging technology. What is your reason?

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OPPO F9 Pro Arrives With VOOC Flash Charge And Gradient Design

The new and the amazingly stunning OPPO F9 Pro has already created a buzz among the people from all walks of life. And why not! It is the latest smartphone in the market with the amazing VOOC Flash Charge Technology.

Story first published: Thursday, October 4, 2018, 11:35 [IST]

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