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Papa became a hit in the web series; About the role of the father who became popular …

The series, which broke into the What the Fox comedy-drama genre, received a great response from the audience. Nikhil’s relationship with his father-in-law has been exposed. Also the character of Nikhil’s father was destroyed. The father in the series showed how there is a free relationship with the son and daughter-in-law. 0 Tripling 2 The series ‘Tripling’ revolving around the lives of three siblings was a hit among the audience. Along with these three main characters, his father’s character impressed the audience. After understanding the words of the three, Baba, who resolves their disputes, remains in the mind of the audience. Although the characters are less on screen, their influence on the thinking of the three siblings is visible from time to time. 0 Breathe in the Shadows This series shows what a father can do to save his daughter’s life. Abhishek Bachchan’s performance in the role of a father was particularly appreciated. The plot of this series makes a home in the mind of the audience. Shrikant Tiwari’s character in The Family Man 2 series was very emotional. Actor Manoj Bajpayee has played this character very well. Srikkanth, while fulfilling his responsibility towards the country, also keeps an eye on his family. Out of the many kangaroos in this character, the audience was swayed by his father’s side. Collection:
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