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Parents Day Special: The artist told the special memories of the parents

critical moment
I am playing the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in ‘Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji’ series, I didn’t tell my parents about it. Both said no. I wanted to surprise them. Once, when we were traveling together for a wedding, I suddenly told my parents about the role and said. Both were happy to hear that their son would play the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji. I was overwhelmed with the sparkle and joy in his eyes. That moment is the most important moment of my life.
-Bhushan Pradhan

wish come true
I have often seen Baba driving a car. I could tell by looking at their faces that they were enjoying it differently. I wanted you to have your own car and get your parents out of it. I never thought that my wish would come true so soon. I booked a car. I was about to surprise my parents about this. But it did not materialize during the coronation. But when I told him that I had taken the car, the happiness could be seen on his face.
– Vanitha Kharati

satisfactory point
I have been receiving many blessings and best wishes ever since the series ‘Balumma Ka Naam Achcha Hai’ started. I have reached here because of my parents’ deeds and hard work. The least I can do for them is. I was able to defray the cost of my sister’s wedding. I spent so much that Baba did not put much pressure on me. The clothes I bought for my parents with my first earning are still worn on special occasions. It is very satisfying.
– Sumit Pusawale

remember first earning
I used to do singing shows and I used to make gifts for my parents with the money I got from doing my first film. I also gave presents to my grandparents. The first gift my grandparents received from me was a very happy one. Mom gave me a CD of my favorite song and Dad loved the track so I gave him a seg bag. After that I often gave something or the other. But the things that were done for him from the first earning, he got stuck in his mind.

-Gautami Deshpande

Collection: Suraj Kamble

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