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Paresh Rawal: Paresh Rawal’s statement in Aryan Khan case in discussion, he said… – Children should think that their father’s name should not be spoiled Paresh Rawal’s reaction on Aryan case

Mumbai: Aryan Khan, the elder son of actors Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, was arrested on a cruise to Goa from a drug party. Aryan is currently in judicial custody for 14 days and has been kept in Arthur Road Jail. In the investigation of the Bureau of Narcotics Control, Aryan has confessed to taking drugs. Aryan’s application will be heard on October 20. Meanwhile, many Bollywood actors have supported Aryan in this matter. Veteran actor Paresh Rawal has also reacted in this regard.

What did Paresh Rawal say?

In an exclusive interview to Navbharat Times, Paresh Rawal said, “Nobody knows what happened on the Aryan Khan case. In such a situation, everyone is making their own guesses. But I will not make any such guesses. Investigate the matter. Let it be completed, let its report come then we can express our opinion on it. This matter is time pass at the national level. Sushant Singh Rajput’s affair was shown on some circus TV. That’s why there was a lot of entertainment in the lockdown. The report is yet to come. Rhea Chakraborty’s career was waiting in all this. So I will not comment on the Aryan case for the time being. We can talk about it once the report comes.’

Paresh Rawal further said in the interview, ‘Now when it comes to the behavior of children, you as a father discharge all your duties. But you cannot have control over the lives of children. When a boy grows up, he has life. He wants to do what he wants. So you can’t keep an eye on him or control his life. it’s not possible. You treat your children well at home, but what can you do if the child is in bad company outside? Therefore, children should think a hundred times while doing any work. He should take care that the name of my parents should not be tarnished and their image should not be tarnished by their actions…’

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