pauly valsan husband dies: actress pauly valsan’s husband dies due to covid


  • Death followed by Kovid
  • Was active in the theater

Actress Pauly Watson’s husband Watson Kovid has died. Kovid was treated for a few days after being infected. He later died of pneumonia. He died at 10:30 last night at the PVS Kovid Center, Kaloor.

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‘My husband and I are cowards; I never asked anyone for ten paise ‘: Pauly Watson
He is the husband of drama and film actress Pauly and was active in the theater industry and has written a number of film songs. Pauly Watson is the recipient of the State Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in films such as Ma Yau and One Room Light.

Pauly recently announced on a social media video that she and her husband were positive about Kovid. The actress also said that the social media posts asking for financial help in her name were fake.

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Paulie had made it clear in the video that her husband was in a serious condition and in the ICU because he was a dialysis patient, but he never asked anyone for even ten paise by saying that name.

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