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“People used to touch me inappropriately, but…” said Bharti Singh

Mumbai: Talking about the most successful and popular comedian of Indian television, Bharti Singh’s name will definitely come in it. Bharti now has many fans across the country. He has worked as a comedian in big shows. But all this did not come easily to Bharti. For this they had to struggle a lot. Coming from a poor family, Bharti has made her own identity through her hard work. But in a recent program, Bharti talked about the bad things that happened to her during the struggle.

Bharti Singh commented on this in the show of anchor Manish Paul. He said, ‘Often in the event, the coordinator used to abuse. They used to touch me inappropriately. I knew it was wrong, but I thought my uncle would do nothing wrong with me. But I was wrong and they were all right. Now I understand how wrong all this was.’

Bharti further said, ‘I don’t think it is all right but I did not understand that much at that time. Now I can oppose all this. Now I can say without hesitation, ‘What’s going on? What do you see I want to change my clothes.’ That’s all I can say today. But then the situation was different. I didn’t have the courage to oppose anyone.

Bharti also spoke about her childhood struggles in the Maniesh Paul chat show. He said, ‘I remember shopkeepers used to come to our house and ask for loans. He was holding my mother’s hand. Then I did not know that they were abusing my mother. Not only this, one of them once placed his hand on his mother’s shoulder. Then his mother told him. Don’t be ashamed I have kids, my husband is dead, and you treat me like this.’ When all this happened to Bharti’s mother. She was only 24 years old at that time.

Meanwhile, Bharti Singh, who started her career with the TV reality show Laughter Challenge, has made a name for herself by working in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and many other shows. In 2017, Bharti Singh married screenwriter and TV producer Harsh Limbachiyaa.

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