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Poem: Myth: The Future Name of NA’s Welcome Way

Poem: Myth: The name of the future we welcome

It’s ‘nonsense’ to enter your interior every Sunday at your fingertips. The poem will be accompanied by the words of the poet as well as notes written by his colleagues about his poetry. Poets, Writers of the Week Jyoti Guruprasan You read his poems.
Jyoti’s poems are not structures that agree with our interpretation or interpretation. There is a pronunciation of good knowledge in the literature; This is an issue concerning the tools of poetry. English critics call it ‘reaction’. We need to respond with the expectation of poetry to poetry. Not so much; Not like Comey. It’s difficult. It is difficult even for Jyoti’s simple living poetry. Jyoti’s creations sometimes encounter our silence when we hear the words of a stranger playing without zinc. What is missing is poetry for Jyoti’s part. Almost all the poems here are repeated on the same issue. Kisa Gautami goes in search of the homeless body of the dead and finds the dead Rama again. Poetry from the same Jyoti.

Our daily routine is poetry. Here’s a simple, seeming craftsmanship. A twinkle in the eye blinks at the rare meaning of a known word. The purity of the dew is clearly reflected in the words of his fine poems. He is a poet who is constantly evolving in his inner life.
Dr U R Ananthamurthy, renowned litterateur


Jyoti Guruprasa, the poet of ‘Swanta Sukhay’. The poet who calls himself a monologue elevates his poem, trying not to speak to his poem without seeming, ambitious pressure. It’s like interacting with life. Looking at his poetry as a whole, there are hundreds if not hundreds of reasons to accuse him of life, and view him as a humble attempt to acquit him. The scenes of life surrounded by open eyes rekindle the love of our life to see our love and faith in life, to give love and respect to the life of the poet.
Dr. M. S Asha Devi, Senior Critic


gives a cool smile

all that one needs
imp for ear
for mind awareness
reach the heart

trust love
when you are looking
when the impulse is tight
we are for our heart
when you need to see
gives a cool smile
should go
fire is divine
as passing


sweet candle of love

Lighting the lamp
For Casting
don’t let the dark go
without a haze of mind

love it
everyone else laughs
with a towel
does not become owner
without wasting reputation

voice over
don’t leave as the law
by shear thickness
not strong
without staying in the form of quantity

sweet candle of love
forgery is not a signature
intraocular granulation
only on joining
easy writing;

Avithakavate Jyoti Guruprasad

Kavi Jyoti Guruprasan

The poetic way of life has helped me. I have to write something to know what’s inside me. It became a poem, a column, an article, a story. I have been writing for about twenty five years. This may be a ‘silver feast’ year for my writing. When I write for myself, poetry makes me more intimate. The experience of releasing characters in allegory-parables with the intensity of short lines is invaluable.

It is my favorite because ‘Kavita’ has given me the feeling of crossing the sad phase of life’s many names. Twenty-five years ago, Punjabi poetess Amrita Pritam wrote poems in her vein, “I feel so.” Now, I have a feeling in the theories of Shishu Sharif, which now accepts infanticide. ‘Nandisi Manasanu Atma Jal’ is my favorite line. Not that it’s too early. Behind this is a long process of developing the mind.

Prem-vihara-exploitation are the things that haunt me. Poetry through poetry has taught me the courage to live because it is all part of the love of life. As well as being the inventor of the steady feeling of love.

I believe that poetry, whether written or not, is the ‘plow’ that keeps stirring within us. Sometimes the juicy mood, sometimes the idea, sometimes just silly. But always beware of dedication… how to compose a poem!? All rights reserved. As the line from a film song says- ‘Umeed ki Chandi.



i don’t know what’s going on there
but it seems so far
chest is trembling

bulldozer sound
ears that don’t see tears
calmly cranked
face fucking

Airplane navigation in a nutshell
look at the sky lost in that news
This is not the time to go out;
The time has come for Hazela to collapse and cracks on the way.


Please update

mirror image
balance is not equal
does not rise to one side
being apologetic
Appreciate woman’s quality
For Manuja Information Directory
this information please
Please update

“Excuse me
a child who unintentionally made a mistake

Excuse me
do not move along the walkway
do whatever you want
apologize every time
chameleon for man
there is no excuse. ”

Avithakawithe Jyoti Guruprasad

Jyoti’s published works

long retreat

i am me
answer only
step in front of me

exposed to air
green looking
instead of the door of the mind
no exception

heartbeat – thinking
for the equilibrium phase
without any hangover
in the light of this moment
to face
ready to go

No. welcome to the future
straight way.


introduction: Jyothi R is the author and lecturer. (Jyoti Guruprasa) Media that loves poetry. Born and brought up in T. Narasipuram in Mysore district, he has been living at Karkala in Udupi district since 1988. Since 2017, he is working as Kannada lecturer at Sri Venkataraman Women’s Graduate College (SV Women’s College), Karkala. Works: Chukki, Mayapettu, Varanandi statue, tribute-poem compilation to Jatayu bird. This moment, Jolie, is a slang-column writing. Love and Love Only, New Bird Tune – Article Collection. Taar bird column work is based on the movie ‘Manasu Muda Susawara’.

There are awards like Kadengudlu Poetry Award, Amma Award, Author Award, Madi Poetry Award, Hamak Naykara Award, Hansa Kaaviya Award, Geeta Desai Award, Kannada Sahitya Charitable Council Neela Ganga Award and International Women’s Award.

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