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Police have found a secret cupboard in Raj Kundra’s office, which is likely to contain many revelations

Mumbai: The investigation into the pornography case of businessman Raj Kundra and actress Shilpa Shetty is still going on. Many important things have come to the fore in the police investigation. After the arrest of Raj Kundra on July 19, his police custody has now been extended till July 27. The police have now found a secret cupboard in the office of Raj Kundra’s company Viaan Industries. However, it has not been revealed that what Raj Kundra had hidden in this cupboard.

According to a tweet by news agency ANI, some sources in Mumbai Police said that the Crime Branch had found a secret cupboard in the offices of Raj Kundra-owned company Viaan Industries and JL Stream in Andheri. It is said that the police have recovered some important documents from this cupboard. The police also raided Shilpa and Raj’s house in Juhu before raiding Raj Kundra’s office. It is being said that the police interrogated Shilpa for 6 hours and wrote her statement.

According to reports, Shilpa has denied all the allegations against her husband Raj Kundra. She said that the video aired on Hot Shots was not pornographic but an erotica. He said that there is a difference between porn and erotica and the company the police is talking about is not Raj Kundra but his sister’s husband. Shilpa says that she has nothing to do with all these matters.

Meanwhile, Raj Kundra has also denied all the allegations against him. He has also appealed in the Mumbai High Court that the case registered against him is illegal. Raj Kundra’s police custody has been extended till July 27 in a similar hearing held on Friday. Police say that Raj Kundra is not cooperating in the interrogation.

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