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Popular Villain – Best Negative Character in Marathi Serials Madhavi Nimkar Sukha Mhenje Nakki Ke Aste

Mumbai– The series said that there are heroes and heroines in it and they had a soft spoken love story. The entire series is based on the love story of this hero and heroine. But, the villains do the work of sprinkling salt on their love. If there were no villains, the series would not have looked colourful. That’s why the audience eats more villains than heroines. Often the audience speaks badly of the actress playing the villain, but the intended dialogue of the villain is in the audience’s mouth. Some of these eateries are currently running on the small screen.

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Madhavi Nimkar, who plays Shalini in the series ‘What Exclusive Happiness’, has secured the first position in the villain competition. Sha… Lee… Ni, these are the words in Shalini’s mouth, the audience starts speaking the same way. Rupali Bhosle ‘Where does mother do what?’ This is the second Sanjana of the series. No matter how bad Sanjana’s role in the series is, the audience loves her fashion and the way she communicates. Aditi Sarangdhar is the third Malavika in the series ‘Yehu Kashi Tashi Mein Nandyala’. Malvika has been able to bridge the gap between Om and Sweetu. As a result, the anger of the audience about Malavika has increased even more. That’s why the audience is liking Malavika’s work.

At number four is Pratiksha Mungekar of the recently launched series ‘Jeeva Majha Guntla’. The role of the picture in the series is being liked by the audience. At the same time, the beauty of ‘Say You Are’ series at number five is Surekha Talwalkar. The audience is appreciating Sulekha’s role in this series based on a different topic.

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