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Pornography case: Raj-Shilpa to be questioned by ED? Transactions worth billions from joint account

Mumbai: The troubles of actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra are increasing day by day. Police investigation has revealed that Raj was the mastermind of the pornographic film making racket. Now the officials of Mumbai Crime Branch have come to know about the account of Raj and Shilpa in the investigation. This account is in Punjab National Bank.

It is feared that whatever money Raj Kundra gets from pornography is being deposited in this account. Billions of rupees have been transacted from this bank account. Therefore, the police suspect that the earnings from the Hotshots app and the Bollyfem app are being credited to this account.

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Raj and Shilpa’s joint account in PNB

Police investigation revealed that Raj and Shilpa have a joint account in Punjab National Bank. When the police inquired further, there was no direct transaction in the accounts, but money was deposited in different accounts of both of them together. According to the information given by the Crime Branch officials, transactions like exchange, layering, integration etc. have been done in this account.

Raj Kundra also has a personal account with Punjab National Bank. But since 2016 no transaction has been done in that account. Not only this, the minimum amount required in that account is also not in it. Raj Kundra’s bank is being investigated by four crime branch officers.

Shilpa Shetty is also under suspicion

Meanwhile, three days back, Crime Branch officials took Raj Kundra to his house in Juhu. At that time his wife Shilpa Shetty was questioned for six hours. This time both were asked to sit face to face. During interrogation, Shilpa told the police that she did not know anything about the production of pornographic films by Raj.

Raj Kundra was running a porn movie business from three WhatsApp groups.

Now that both of them have a joint account, Shilpa is once again under the scanner. If she doesn’t know about Raj’s pornography, then how can there be transactions worth crores of rupees in their joint account. Has he never tried to find out? Now if it is proved in the police investigation that revenue is being collected from the account through Hotshots app and Bollyfem app, then it is certain that Shilpa Shetty’s problems will increase further.

This matter can go to ED

Now the investigation of Raj and Shilpa’s account is likely to go to the ED. The account deals with transactions from India and the UK. It is suspected that the money from pornography was used for online betting. According to ED sources, Raj Kundra may be summoned under the Foreign Exchange Act (FEMA). Other directors of the company may also be inquired in this regard. Hence Shilpa Shetty is also likely to be questioned by the ED.

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