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Powerful movement against the government in Cuba: America arrests thousands Dozens of Cuban activists arrested in one of the largest anti-government protests America interferes with Mexico’s efforts

The process of protest in Cuba is increasing day by day.

Puerto Rico: The economy of the Cuban country, ruled by the Communist Party, has fallen drastically and people are taking to the streets against the government. The government has partially blocked social media and arrested thousands of militants. The fight, which has been one of the biggest in recent years, shows the hardship of the people and questions the stand of the government.

Internet Block, a non-governmental organization that tracks Internet usage, has confirmed that social media has been blocked in Cuba. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram are now working in Cuba. The firm said the performance of these companies was partially offset or under government surveillance.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel has blamed social media for the ongoing protests in the country. What started on a small scale turned into a weekend protest. Facebook did not respond to emails sent by news reporters seeking comment on the matter.

We will not show another cheek to the Cuban government online or in the real world. In a tweet, the Cuban government said, “We are taking steps to stop the violence, and are emphasizing things that could lead to violent incidents contrary to our country’s expectations.”

The government has not yet disclosed how many people have been arrested. But the ‘Cuban Decide’ organization, which is opposing democracy, has revealed the names of 57 prisoners. The list also names Cuban Patriotic Union activists, Josethnik Daniel Ferrer, and his son, who are opposing the government’s stand.

Thousands of people took to the streets on Sunday to protest the government’s move to increase prices, availability of essential commodities and occasional internet shutdowns. Open protest is rare in Cuba, which severely crushes dissent and movement. But on Sunday itself, people got angry and came out on the road. He also got into a verbal altercation with the security guards who came to stop him. At one place the police car overturned and there was a ruckus.

Cuban President Dias Canel has accused the US of imposing sanctions on the Cuban people. Our island nation is facing a shortage of fuel and electricity. Along with this, the number of Kovid cases is also increasing. The electricity available in the country is being supplied to hospitals and health centres. Ordinary Cubans regretted the inevitable sacrifice.

single party administration
After the 1959 revolution, Cuba had a one-party administration. Tourism is the main source of income for Cuba. Whether or not US President Donald Trump has reduced the number of American tourists after imposing stringent sanctions on Cuba. Last year, Cuba issued emergency reforms to slow the pace of the recession. Besides cutting subsidies, it revised prices and wages. Mangal also sang a two-tiered currency system.

These protests pose a major challenge to Cuban President Diaz Canel, who came to power in 2018. Diaz has also held the position of party president Raul Castro since April.

President Diaz Canel acknowledged that there were real reasons for the Cuban people to be unhappy. But they also complain that behind these protests is the shadow of an unconventional US-initiated war. Cannell does not forget to cite the example of the protests in Venezuela.

The Cuban people are fighting valiantly for their basic and universal rights. We are with the Cuban people. US President Joe Biden has said that Cuba’s dictatorial regime, economic hardship and repression have haunted him for decades.

Responding to the plight of Cuba, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Arbador has raised his voice against the US action. He urged the immediate withdrawal of US economic sanctions on Cuba and promised that the Cuban regime would provide medicine, vaccines and food if requested.

(The largest anti-government demonstration in Cuba, dozens of US activists were arrested, Mexico tried to intervene)

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