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Priya Bapat Umesh Kamat: The rhythm is heavy! Umesh Kamat: Have you heard Priya Bapat’s weird jokes about marriage? Watch video – Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat shared the wedding video, went viral

MumbaiThe story of the popular couple Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat in the field of Marathi entertainment is different. This couple, who gave two goals to the fans, turned ten years old today on 6 October. Today is their tenth wedding anniversary. Umesh and Priya are one of the favorite couple of fans. Despite being in the same field, Umesh and Priya, who do not compete with each other, have set an example for the fans. On the occasion of completion of ten years of marriage, Priya has shared a video of her marriage. It shows Umesh and Priya carving for each other.

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In this video shared by Priya, both Umesh and Priya are looking very beautiful. In the video, he is forced to take a caricature after completing all the rituals of his marriage. Umesh surprised everyone with a wonderful puzzle. Umesh says, ‘Kanti, her picturesque form is her Alwar, Priya is my jeweler’s sword.’ Everyone is praising this joke of Umesh. Hearing the puzzle, Priya also starts laughing. After that Priya also solves riddles for Umesh. Priya says, ‘Umesh is my old car but my empire is new.’

Fans have showered likes and wishes on this video of Umesh and Priya. Many actors like Jitendra Joshi, Prasad Oak, Suvrat Joshi have also appreciated his video and wished Priya and Umesh a very happy birthday. The video has garnered over three million likes in just four hours. Fans are also wishing Umesh and Priya to be together for the rest of their lives.

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