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Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Priyanka sitting on her knees in a private plane; The desi style of the actress went viral – Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s photo sitting with cross legs in a private jet goes viral

Mumbai: A few days back Priyanka Chopra Jonasson was trolled on social media for being a part of ‘The Activist’. So Priyanka had to apologize openly. But now the same Priyanka is being praised a lot by social media users. Not only this, everyone is fed up with his desi style.

Like Bollywood, Priyanka has also carved a niche for herself in Hollywood. Priyanka is also very active on social media. He is often praised and often trolled. Even now a photo of Priyanka is going viral on social media. This photo of him is being praised a lot. Priyanka is seen sitting in a private plane. Priyanka is seen sitting on the seat with Espace thighs. In these photos, Priyanka is wearing a blazer and khaki pants. This is a picture of Priyanka going to Spain on this jet along with some other actors for her upcoming series ‘Citadel’. This photo has been shared on Priyanka Chopra’s fan page.

Seeing Priyanka sitting in such a desi style, her fans and users have started praising her. Priyanka’s team has shared this photo of her on Instagram. Users are commenting on this. One user called her ‘Desi Girl’ and another called her ‘Indiawale’. Some users have praised the way Priyanka sits. One wrote, ‘This is the most comfortable way to sit…Priyaka Chopra You are great…You are our desi girl.’ Priyanka Chopra is now living in America after marriage. But her umbilical cord of India remains.

On the work front, Priyanka Chopra will be seen in the upcoming spy thriller ‘Citadel’. He will also play the role of Anand Sheela in Barry Levinson’s spiritual film ‘Sheela’. She will also be seen in Farhan Khan-directed ‘Jil Zara’ alongside Katrina Kaif and Alia.

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