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proper exercise of authority; air of divorce in marathi series

Gauri Ambedkar, SNDT University

‘I won’t be home in a few days. That’s all I left. Stay well, take care of yourself, your home and the churches at home. So these are the punishments of the woman who has firmly decided to divorce. Many series have now taken the next step by going through simple stages of love between hero and heroine, family conflict of love, sea sangeet marriage, newly wed days after marriage, doubts about each other. It’s divorce time!

Arundhati and Anirudh This week ‘Where does mommy do?’ Will get divorced in the series. The feeling of leaving her children, in-laws is now making her restless. But still, she assures her family that we will always be one in mind, we will be bound together. The heroine of the series is getting stronger. On the basis of the law, she is responding to injustice with impunity. His bold steps seem to be appreciated. Shubhra and Soham got divorced a few days ago in the series ‘Aggambai Sunbai’. There was a lot of discussion about Shubhra’s reaction to Soham, who has crossed the limits of morality. The audience was sure from the beginning that the gentle, tolerant and friendly Shubhra would one day break the dam and raise her voice in the right way.

Vibhas married Janhvi in ​​a love affair to grab land in the series ‘Baiko Aashi Havvi’. But when they realize that this selfish goal will not be achieved, they are having a good time. Therefore, the department has demanded a divorce from Janhvi. In ‘Rang Majha Vegala’ Deepa and Kartik are also on the verge of divorce. According to the court, Deepa is staying at Karthik’s house but she is adamant about her divorce. In ‘Sundara Manmade Bharali’ also Abhimanyu and Latika are arguing for different reasons. It seems that Latika is currently living with her mistress. Currently the divorce rate is skyrocketing. This is reflected in the series as well. Experts say that serious issues like divorce are being handled sensitively in the series and different types of kangaroo shows are being shown to the audience.

So far, songs of divorce from many series have been heard in the TV world. The pair’s separation track was also popular in popular Hindi serials ‘Balika Vadhu’, ‘Firangi Bahu’, ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’. The story of divorce in the popular series ‘Avantika’, which came out a few years ago, kept the audience hooked. The drama of divorce became a topic of discussion in the recent series ‘My Husband’s Wife’ and ‘Chandra Ahe Sakshi’. The audience loves to see the confident heroine.

fair exercise of authority
Divorce is an unfortunate event. But it can also be considered from the other side. Divorce is a legal option rather than living with a man who has not given up for life. It is right to exercise this right. The court’s lawyer has asked Karthik and Deepa to live together for a month. This is an attempt to give their relationship another chance. It has to be seen whether this divorce happens or not.
-Abhijit Guru, author, I have a different complexion

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