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Puneet Pathak to pay off contestants’ loan to help his family – Maharashtra Times Puneet Pathak to repay loan to help contestants

Mumbai: The sixth season of dance reality show Dance Plus has started. The whole world is watching the dance art in this show. But through the show, not only the dance but also the sad stories of the contestants are being brought to the audience. Choreographer Puneet Pathak has decided to help a contestant in his team.

Choreographer Puneet Pathak has decided to repay the debt of Pranshu, the contestant in his team. The generosity shown by Puneet will be seen in the next episode of the show. According to IANS, judge Remo D’Souza praised Pranshu and Kuldeep after Puneet’s contestants danced. “Your performance inspires me to move on and do better,” he says. Despite being a dancer, I am sad to think that why I did not come forward with such a step.

After praising Remo, Puneet Pathak also praises his team members. He shares details of Pranshu’s family struggles with the audience. Meanwhile, he announced his decision to repay the loan.

Says Puneet, “Pranshu is always smiling with a sparkle in his eyes. But great sorrow is hidden in his heart. After talking to him heart to heart, I understood.

Puneet further said, ‘Pranshu’s mother is the only earning member of the family. She works day and night as a nurse to help her children live a better life. His mother made big plans for the marriage of Pranshu’s elder sister. For this he had taken a huge loan. But due to the Corona epidemic, he had to take a loan again to pay off his old debt. In the current situation, Pranshu’s family is burdened with debt. To thank him, I have decided to pay off all his debts. I will also make sure that there is no problem in his life.

Punit Pathak’s decision for Pranshu is definitely commendable. In another episode before Puneet, Raghav Jewel had announced to help Avon Nagpur repay the loan by giving Rs 8 lakh. Avon hails from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

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