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Rahul and Disha gave themselves a romantic gift, ‘Tere haath mein mera haath ho…’

Mumbai: Rahul Vaidya and his girlfriend Disha Parmar, who became famous because of Bigg Boss, will tie the knot on July 16. As the wedding date is approaching, the curiosity among his fans is increasing. Rahul and Disha are also eagerly waiting for the wedding. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to start their sporting activities. At the same time, they have made beautiful clay molds by holding each other’s hands.

Jasra has made an earthen mold by holding the hands of both of them. Pictures and videos of Clay making the mold have been shared emotionally from her Instagram. Promising to support each other for life, they have made this clay as a wedding gift for each other.

The video has also been shared on social media, while both are making clay with their hands. In this video, Rahul is singing the romantic song ‘Tere Haath Me Mera Haath Ho…’ for Disha.

The clay which was also made by Deepika and Ranveer

Bhavna Jasra had earlier made a handmade clay mold of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer. He specializes in making such molds from gold, silver, bronze.

50 brides in Rahul- Disha’s wedding

Only 50 people will be able to attend the wedding of Rahul and Disha. Commenting on his wedding, Rahul said, “Very few and close friends have been invited to the wedding because of Corona.” The pair will be played by Ali Goni, Toshi Sabri, Mika Singh and Vindu Dara Singh. Recently, a video of the rehearsal of their concert went viral on social media. In this, Rahul and Disha are shown dancing to a romantic song.

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