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Rahul Vaidya and Dhoni’s lovely chemistry, did you see Jiva’s new video

Mumbai: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s daughter Ziva has a huge fan base on social media. His videos and photos often go viral on social media. Even now such a cute and funny video of Jiva is going viral on social media. In which Jeeva and singer Rahul Vaidya are seen having fun. In this video, Jiva is seen eating biscuits, while Rahul is seen asking for biscuits from Jiva.

In this cute video that went viral on social media, Rahul Vaidya tells Jeeva, ‘Give me biscuits, you are eating alone’. Jeeva picks up a biscuit from a plate and goes to Rahul, Rahul thanks him. After this, Rahul is seen talking about the match going on in the stadium. This video of Jiva and Rahul has been shared by Viral Bhayani on Instagram.

Rahul Vaidya also shot a video of the bathroom with MS Dhoni. Which became very viral on the internet. Apart from this, Rahul Vaidya also attended the 30th birthday of Dhoni’s wife Sakshi. Whose video he shared on social media and in which Dhoni is seen having fun with Rahul.

In another video, Rahul Vaidya is seen taking a selfie with Dhoni and while Rahul tells Dhoni, ‘Whenever I click a photo with you, it feels like the first time.’ Dhoni smiles and tells him, ‘You are telling me that you are asking.’ Then he smiles and leaves. Apart from this, many more videos of Dhoni and Rahul Vaidya have become viral on social media.

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