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Raj Kundra came with ‘Plan B’ for pornography, shocking revelation in chat

Mumbai: The WhatsApp chat of Raj Kundra, who is involved in a pornography case, is the ninth revelation. Seeing Raj’s chats, it is clear that he already had an idea that the police might prosecute him. That’s why he prepared Plan B. Raj and his accomplice Ryan Tharp were produced in court on Tuesday after their arrest late Monday and have been remanded to custody till July 23. At the same time, Mumbai Police is collecting evidence against Raj. There have been shocking revelations in Asha Raj’s WhatsApp chat. After the suspension of Pradeep Bakshi’s ‘Hot Shot App’, Raj Kundra, who was caught in the pornography case, had mentioned ‘Plan B’ in a conversation on WhatsApp.

Mumbai Crime Branch arrested Raj Kundra on Monday evening after a long interrogation. On checking the mobile of Raj Kundra’s former PA Umesh Kamath, the police found many chats of Raj Kundra in it. It was clear that Raj had already figured out what police action could be taken against him. In the chats that came out in the investigation, there is also a group named ‘H Accounts’. In which Pradeep Bakshi has said that Google had suspended the ‘Hotshot app’ in November last year. He also said that this has happened due to violation of rules. To which Raj Kundra replied, ‘No problem, Plan B has started. The new application will go live in a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

Raj Kundra’s ‘Plan B’ was called ‘Bolifame’. Meanwhile, another conversation has surfaced between Umesh Kamath and Raj Kundra. In which Rajan had sent a news article to his PA. In which it was said that Mumbai Police can send notices to the owners of 7 OTT platforms for broadcasting obscene videos.

Along with this, Raj Kundra has also sent him a message, in which it is written, ‘Well done, we have prepared for Bolifem. Responding to Raj Kundra’s message, Umesh Kamath will speak when he comes to the office. But till then you have to remove the extreme bold content. Raj Kundra says, ‘I doubt it will make a difference,’ after which Umesh tells him, ‘It is not that serious. They are only asking people to remove the objectionable material. sends such a message.


Umesh Kamath further tells Raj Kundra that at present the daily earning from this film is 15 to 20 thousand. Raj Kundra told them that in future only live content will be broadcast as it may not have screen recording. It won’t make much difference. They say so. Also in this chat, he asks Umesh Kamath to sell the old content as soon as possible so that at least 50 lakh rupees can be paid from him.

According to the Crime Branch, Raj Kundra wanted to stop the shooting of a porn film. Instead, he was urging models and actresses to focus on live streaming content. He had prepared it. Because if pornographic movies were removed from websites and apps, live streaming would have continued. This was his plan B which he was going to do with Bollyfame.

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