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Raj Kundra: Raj Kundra making profit from blue films in lockdown | Mumbai Police says Raj Kundra earned the most from his app lockdown

Businessman Raj Kundra (file image)

The arrest of Raj Kundra in the case of making and distributing blue films has come as a surprise. Factors such as production of adult films, their marketing, cash flow, exploitation of actresses are discussed most prominently. According to Mumbai Crime Branch officials, the production of blue films is increasing. According to fellow commissioner of police (crime branch) Milind Barambe, Raj Kundra came into the blue film industry just eighteen months ago. But it has grown so fast that it has reached millions in a day. Milind said Raj Kundra has joined hands with Kenrin Ltd., a company owned by his brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi, based in the UK.

Raj Kundra earns lakhs every day from blue film making. At first it was earning 2-3 million per day, but later it became around Rs 6-8 million. According to the documents available with the police, thousands have been paid. Check them all out and come to a certain stand. It will be treated as income from a criminal case. “We have so far checked various accounts to find out that about Rs.

Kundra had also made the choice to have the ‘hot shot’ op banned in India. Kundra named it ‘Plan B’ and named it ‘Ballifem’. Kundra was also aware of those blue films which were breaking the laws of India. The ‘Hot Shot’ app was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple Store due to non-compliance. So Kundra had to find an alternate route. Milind clarified that this information has been extracted through Kundra’s WhatsApp chat.

PlayStore and Apple Store have banned Hot Shots, which can be downloaded for free, because of pornography. Milind revealed at a press conference that the evidence collected by the police shows that the hot shot pictures, videos and WhatsApp chats clarify the allegations against Raj Kundra.

Raj Kundra was uploading blue pictures in several ops including his ‘hot shot’. But it was run from London. Milind and Raj Kundra were shot in the office itself. It was then sent to London via V-Transfer, which was uploaded to the app through Kenrin Ltd.

Several actresses had earlier complained about how Raj Kundra was caught and exploited by actresses waiting for an opportunity. Called in for an audition, she was asked to act in bold scenes and then shoot blue/semi-blue pictures. Many actresses who strongly opposed this have contacted the police and informed about it.

Raj Kundra is currently in police custody till July 23. More information is likely to come out after the investigation.

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