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Raj Kundra told the truth – daily business of lakhs, money going in such private account

Mumbai: New information has come out about businessman Raj Kundra, arrested in a porn film case. After the arrest of Raj, the officers of the Crime Branch conducted a thorough investigation, in which the daily business of lakhs was revealed from the account of Raj Kundra. During the interrogation, Raj was questioned about the lakhs of transactions that take place every day. At this time, Rajan informed that in February 2019, he started a company named Arms Prime Media Limited and developed the Hot Shots app from it.

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In a police inquiry, Raj Kundra said that after developing the Hot Shots app, it was sold to a company called Canning for 255,000. However, for the maintenance of this app, the canning company tied up with Raj Kundra’s Viaan company.

Meanwhile, according to Crime Branch sources, the modus operandi is to show the money earned through Hot Shots customers as maintenance transactions. Crores of rupees were transacted in the name of maintenance in 13 bank accounts of British canning company Raj Kundra’s company. The money was then sent to some SAIL companies and then the money went to Raj Kundra’s personal bank account.

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The crime branch is preparing to conduct a forensic audit of large-scale transactions in all bank accounts linked to Raj Kundra and his company Vian. The CEO of the canning company, Pradeep Bakshi, has been declared an absconder and a LoC has been imposed on him.

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