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Raj Kundra was going to sell 121 obscene videos for crores of rupees, truth came out in police investigation

Mumbai: Businessman Raj Kundra is becoming more and more involved in obscenity cases. New revelations are happening one after the other. In such a situation, another big disclosure has come in the WhatsApp chat of Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra was about to make a big deal in the coming times. Mumbai Police has claimed that they are going to sell 121 pornographic videos for 2.12 crores i.e. around 8.93 crores.

According to Mumbai Police, all the transactions were ready. Mumbai Police disclosed this in the hearing held on Friday. Not only this, the police also suspect that Raj Kundra is using the earnings from the porn film for online betting. Meanwhile, the court has extended Raj Kundra’s police custody till July 27.

Fake script on fake contract, casting for Raj Kundra’s porn video

According to ANI news agency, during the court hearing, Mumbai Police said, “In the investigation of WhatsApp chat of Raj Kundra, it has been found that he was going to make 121 videos. The deal was worth 1.2 million. It is speculated that the transaction was for the international market. Following his arrest on July 19, Raj Kundra and his accomplice Ryan Thorpe were remanded in police custody till July 23. However, now the cell for police investigation has been extended till July 27.

Crime Branch found Raj Kundra’s home server, 70 porn videos made by Umesh Kamat seized

Police have speculated in a court hearing that Raj Kundra was using the proceeds from porn movies for online betting. Meanwhile, police investigation has revealed that all the conversations were taking place on the WhatsApp group between Raj Kundra, Ryan Thorpe, Anand Bakshi and other associates regarding the ‘Hot Shots’ app. But after the idea of ​​arrest in the case came up, all the data was deleted at the behest of Ryan Thorpe.

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