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‘Raj Kundra was on the lap top’; Mumbai Police who informed the court

Raj Kundra

Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch has arrested businessman Raj Kundra in a pornographic film production case. Challenging the arrest, Raj Kundra went to the Bombay High Court. He has got bail. However, the lawyers of Mumbai Police have appealed to the High Court to dismiss the application. He has also made serious allegations of destruction of evidence. The court hearing the application reserved the decision.

The WhatsApp chat between Raj Kundra and others has been removed. Raj Kundra’s IT expert Ryan Thorpe has been arrested in a case of destruction of evidence. WhatsApp chat removed his role. The Mumbai Police informed the High Court.

‘Raj Kundra and Ryan WhatsApp has deleted the chat. It is not known how much data has been deleted. We are trying to get back the deleted data. If the accused is destroying all the evidence, should the investigating agency look into it? “It is not possible,” public prosecutor Aruna Aruna told the court.

Raj Kundra’s lawyers have denied the evidence. The police seized Raj Kundra’s phone and laptop during the search. How is it possible to destroy evidence?’

Mumbai Crime Branch has seized some important information from laptops to porn movies and financial planning. Along with this, the police have also talked to Raj Kundra and his brother Pradeep Bakshi by email. Some information has been removed,” Aruna told the Pai Court.

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