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Raj Kundra: Was Raj Kundra trapped in that ‘bungalow’? Here is the full details of the case

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Mumbai: Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and business partner Raj Kundra was arrested in February for attacking a Mumbai bungalow! Yes. In February, the Mumbai Police raided a bungalow at the Blue Film Shooting Center and arrested the five. Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and business partner Raj Kundra has been caught on a tip-off. On 4 February, five people were arrested by police in a raid on a Mud Island bungalow based on certainties. In the investigation that started from there, on the basis of the clues of the prisoners, now the main accused Raj Kundra has been arrested.

What information did the police get in the February attack?

During a February raid, a man was caught red-handed posing nude in pornographic scenes and a woman was rescued. A few days later, the police arrested Irvoo in connection with the case. These included producer Roa Khan and actress Gehana Vashistha. Gehna, who was later released on bail, said that the film we were shooting for was erotica, not a blue film.

From there the police investigation focused on uploading ops and their distribution. In particular, it started gathering information on Google’s Play Store and Apple Store’s banned ‘Hot Shots’ app. Based on this investigation, Umesh Kamath, a close aide of Raj Kundra, who was working in a company named Kenrin Private Limited, was arrested. During the investigation, Raj Kundra disclosed information about Kawada.

How is Raj Kundra associated with Hot Shots?

From there the investigation got a new dimension. Although Raj Kundra’s name had come up in the first investigation, but the police did not have any evidence. Because of Umesh Kamath, the police got strong evidence. Although Kenrin owns Hot Shots, it is run by Mumbai-based Vion Industries. Its not the owner – Raj Kundra himself!

According to the police, the Kenrin company was facilitating the uploading of videos bypassing strict cyber rules in India. But the blue films were produced in India and shipped to London via the V-Transformers app. The pictures were then shared over OTT or mobile apps, which could be paid for and viewed.

When the police searched the seized documents in Raj Kundra’s office, there was strong evidence that Raj Kundra was the main accused. The ‘MoU’, emails, WhatsApp chats, bank account details and video clips are strong evidence against Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra was arrested on the basis of these charges, Mumbai’s Joint Commissioner of Police Milind Barambe told a press conference.

Kundra was not named in the chargesheet filed by the police earlier. According to the police, the chargesheet was not filed against Kundra as he was not sure about washing his hands. Raj Kundra and his brother had registered their company in Britain to escape the law of India. Blue making and sharing is a serious crime by law in India. But in India it is allowed to watch blue films in person.

According to the police, these pictures have been shot in homes and hotels in Mumbai. It is said that young girls were forcibly filmed in blue films, believing that they would be allowed in web series or films.

Raj Kundra denied the allegations and said that he had sold his owned Hot Shots op long back to Pradeep Bhakshi, another accused in the case. However, the police denied this, saying that Kundra had formed a group on WhatsApp chat to discuss the production and distribution of blue films, and was himself an administrator. In addition, Kundra himself managed the financing of AAP.

Final Punch: Raj Kundra has done all his business through Vien Industries. Ironically, Viaan is the darling son of Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty!

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