Rajasthani street vendor makeover: This girl will beat professional models

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Everyone who has been to Kochi has seen people doing street vendors. But today, one of them is going viral all over the social media. When we say fashion or photoshoot, we often think of professional models or movie stars. A girl selling mobile phone holders and umbrellas in the heat and sun at the Edappally signal in Kochi is becoming a star on social media today.

Mahadevan Thampis Makeover Picture of Street Side Vendor Girl Goes viral

Today, social media is full of girls like Asman beating professional models. Today, the actress is the most talented girl in the industry, which was dominated only by models and movie stars. These pictures show us how to make a person’s makeover. Her picture was taken by celebrity photographer Mahadevan Thampi. Today, he is happy to have captured Asman on his camera.

Asman’s confidence doubled as the make-up shone on his violet face. Asman was in front of the camera and turned into someone else. The poses had to be told at first but then they posed in a way that surpassed the professional models without any panic. Mahadevan Thampi’s photo and video have been posted on social media today. All of this is going viral on social media today.

During a trip to Kochi, I saw such a sight while selling goods from the signal. According to photographer Mahadevan Thampi, a girl was selected from it. Make-up artist Prabin Thomas has applied make-up that highlights Asman’s natural beauty. The costumes were by Ayana Designs and the styling was by Babita Basheer.

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Mahadevan Thampis Makeover Picture of Street Side Vendor Girl Goes viral

Kerala Photographer Mahadevan Thampi shoots rajasthani girl make over viral photo shoot. Take a look.

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