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Rakesh is like this… Riddhi got furious over Kashmira’s statement – Call Kashmira Shah Bigg Boss ot Rakesh Bapat Joru Ka Ghulam His ex-wife Riddhi Dogra slammed Kashmira

Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT contestant Rakesh Bapat and his first wife Riddhi Dogra are no longer husband and wife. But their friendship still remains intact. These two are always together in each other’s happiness and sorrow. Riddhi doesn’t hesitate to respond to Rakesh’s critics. Recently Kashmira Shah made fun of Rakesh Bapat and called him ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’. Riddhi is furious and has stopped talking to Kashmir.

The closeness between Rakeysh Bapat and Shamita Shetty has increased in Bigg Boss OTT. In an episode of Bigg Boss OTT, when Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee went home as guests. At that time Shamita had confessed that there was a match between her and Rakesh. She is in love with Rakesh. Rakesh also used to tell her often that he likes Shamita. But he has often been accused of dominating Shamita Rakesh. It was also alleged that Rakesh forced her to do whatever she wanted.

Kashmira said, if you become a slave again…

Recently, Rakesh, Shamita and Divya Agarwal were together during a task. While answering some of the questions asked during the task, Rakesh repeatedly mentioned Divya’s name. He dipped Divya’s face several times to avoid a fight with Shamita. Seeing this, everyone said that Rakesh did this out of fear of Shamita. After the episode aired, Kashmera shared a picture of Shamita, Rakesh and Divya from her Twitter handle and called Rakesh ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’. In this tweet, Kashmera said, ‘Congratulations Rakesh… now you are once again on your way to become ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’…’

Rakesh’s first wife Riddhi got angry.
Rakesh’s first wife Riddhi Dogra Kamali was enraged by this statement of Kashmir. Kashmir may not have named Riddhi in his tweet, but he had the money for criticism. Seeing this tweet from Kashmir, Riddhi got very angry. Hitting back on Kashmir, he wrote, ‘Second time? Sorry… please don’t make such nasty comments. keep calm…’

Riddhi and Rakesh got divorced in 2019
Rakeysh Bapat and Riddhi Dogra in 2010 ‘Limits: But How Long?’ met in Happened on the sets of this series. The couple got married in 2011. However, they separated after a few years and got divorced in 2019. In an episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, Rakesh told Shamita about his mental state after getting divorced from Riddhi.

Sadh told Shamita
Rakesh told Shamita, ‘Two weeks after I got engaged to Riddhi, I was upset. I was mentally weak… My mother and sister were scared of my condition. They were stunned to see my condition. It was very difficult to balance life at that time. Rakesh had also expressed hope that he would meet someone who would understand me now…

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