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Two Hours of View, ‘Two People’ with a Night’s Journey!!!

Several films have been released in Malayalam based on the happenings within hours. These included critically acclaimed and critically acclaimed films. ‘Two People’, scripted and directed by Prem Shankar, is a subject that can be added to the same category. ‘Two’, which was screened at the Kerala International Film Festival, will release after a long hiatus.

As the name suggests, the film tells the story of two people. The film tells the story of Karan (Basil Paul) who was kicked out of his girlfriend’s house and Rhea Mohan (Shanthi Balachandran) being kicked out of her boyfriend’s life in the context of a one-night visit. Karan has been driving his car home for two days and has no place to sleep as his girlfriend has kicked him out. He meets Riya in a very unexpected situation. The theme is the journey the two make that night.

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Karan is an honest boyfriend who goes in search of his ex-girlfriend and Cole Gayle after taking his girlfriend out. But it is positivity and jealousy that drives Rhea to say a final goodbye to her lover. On that journey, the audience gets to know who Rhea and Karan are, and the two know each other.

In this two-hour long film, an attempt has been made to present the story and characters through the dialogues of both. So these characters have not been able to give the audience even the feeling that the characters of Dadi’s stories give. Karan and Rhea’s journey in the car without a precise mission is just a waste of time.

At the end of the story when Riya talks about it, which keeps a great secret inside, the audience will realize that there is a bigger theme that haunts the character. The dialogue of the film is similar to the drama. ‘Two People’ can be described as a failed attempt to keep the characters close to the audience.

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Sooraj Venjarammoodu, Sunil Sugatha and Alanjiar are coming and going in the same scene. They become a star presence that contributes nothing. The space for what the director wants to convey through the film is given at the end of the film. Those who have suffered till then are ‘lucky’.

When it comes to the technical side, nothing is promising. Camera views do not touch the mind in any way. Narendra Ramanujath’s cinematography was such that he had no choice but to copy the characters. It is heartbreaking that Gopi Sundar’s background music does not contribute much to the film.

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Not to mention the performance of Tulsi and Shanti. The characters of only one scene in the film and the scene where Karan’s cycle is stolen do nothing to contribute to the story. The stories of both are not able to progress beyond this as they are limited to conversation only.

The film manages to provide information as well as entertainment. Riya’s character has a disturbed mind and a lot of mental struggles, but it doesn’t reach the audience properly.

Had it been made a short film for half an hour, the film would have done a little better. If you experience a period of two epochs for two hours, you can’t go wrong with that.

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